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“How do we advise a new patient in Holistic Dentistry”

Not the doctor, the state or the health insurance. No one can protect you from tooth decay, periodontal disease (dental loosening) or a heart attack if you do not do it yourself. This requires dedication and close collaboration with the dentist.



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Scheme teeth and interactions

Just as in foot reflexology and ear acupuncture the whole person is “imaged” in a small circumscribed district, so too is the relationship between the teeth and the total human. The German doctor Reinhold Voll and the dentist colleague Dr. med. Fritz Kramer elaborated the pictured scheme in laborious detail.

Dr. Schreckenbach

We – myself and my team – have set ourselves the goal of contributing to the preservation of health. We want to improve the quality of life and well-being. This can only be done in cooperation with the patient as part of our individual care. In medical jargon, prevention of dental damage means: Dental Individual Prophylaxis.

That a life without or usually without tooth damage is possible, especially the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland prove.

Extended Diagnosis

In many cases, it is helpful if the patient sees for himself where the problem is in his mouth or if there is a defect in his teeth. Also for the consultation and education, this procedure has proven itself very often with us. The intraoral camera allows you to record video images from the mouth with the aid of state-of-the-art technology, freeze them on the viewing screen and then print them out and / or save them as a file.

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