Heavy Metal Renovation and Disposal

It has meanwhile been scientifically proven that amalgam as well as palladium-silver alloys can cause major problems. This is not changed by the latest research on a 12-year research project. In a recent statement of the hospital on the right Isar of the TU in Munich, which had completed this project, it says:

»A clear statement as to whether it is dangerous or harmless
we can not do that.«

To what extent this statement is correct, you can judge much better yourself, if you look at two video spots on amalgam. Another clear example of the effects of amalgam are, among others, the examinations by the gynecologist Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard at the University Women’s Hospital in Heidelberg. It found in partners with unsuccessful desire for children in significantly frequent cases as the cause amalgam burden of the partners. After the amalgam restoration and removal, most cases were followed by a healthy pregnancy.

Find science-based results in the University of Calgary’s short film at The non-medical practitioner colleague Peter Kern has taken the trouble and translated this English-language film into German. So if you prefer to watch the movie in German, here is & gt; & gt; & gt; better kept. Please keep in mind that the download of the file takes a while.

(For this you need the Quicktime player, which you can download for free from the internet.)

Amalgam should be removed with proper precautions for the patient. The most dangerous thing about amalgam is the gaseous mercury, which, of course, is particularly noticeable when drilling out.

Also the so-called rubber dam lets the mercury vapor, which occurs more frequently when drilling out the amalgam fillings, pass unhindered through. If there is no additional suction behind this rubber dam, the patient will be even more stressed.

There are studies that show that the mercury vapor itself goes through this membrane, and therefore even more burden the patients when drilling out the amalgam. In practice, we use other protections and the application of oxygen to the patient to protect him from amalgam removal.

You can find more interesting television reports on amalgam on YouTube, for example here:

Mouth current measurement

They all know the principle of a battery. Two different valent metals in an acidic solution produces electricity.

The same principle applies in the mouth when you imagine an amalgam filling and a gold crown or filling next to each other in the mouth. Here, the acidic solution is embodied by the saliva.

If you now have amalgam or various precious metal-containing crowns or materials in your mouth, a more or less strong current flows. In this case, electrically charged particles are released from the inferior metal, which may even migrate into the mucous membrane.

Here maybe a small descriptive text for the device shown below should be found. What it does, and how it works. For example: The mouthwash meter gives precise information about whether mouthwaves are present and how far they are above the tolerance limit.

If the mouth currents are above the tolerance, various disorders may occur

Toxic damage by metal ions

  • Damage to the nervous system
  • Load on the vascular system
  • allergies
  • kidney disease
  • Damage to the internal organs due to metal deposits

Irritation due to currents in the oral cavity

  • Mouth and tongue burn, metal taste
  • Headache and migraine
  • Circulatory problems dizziness, nausea and vomiting
  • sleep disorders

The Galvanodent not only displays the tension, but also the much more important aspect of the strength / time.

The treatment method described here is a therapy procedure of naturopathic experience medicine, which does not belong to the generally accepted methods in the sense of a recognition by conventional medicine. All statements made about the properties and effects as well as the indication of the therapy methods presented are based on the findings and empirical values in the therapeutic direction itself, which are not shared by the prevailing conventional medicine.

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