There is always a whole human being attached to each tooth

With his first book, Dr. Schreckenbach both to patients and colleagues who want to gain a first insight into Holistic Dentistry. It is deliberately written in a simple language, which is understandable especially to the layman, and explains the effects that diseased teeth can have on people, their organs and their psyche. Similarly, the reverse relationships, i. the consequences of a physical or mental-emotional problem for the teeth.

The book explains various supplementary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and explains the context by means of case studies from practice. Graphs and drawings complement and illustrate the texts. In the book, the reader will find, among other things, a diagram of the relationships between teeth and organs.

Suitable for any interested reader, the book captivates with its entertaining, almost exciting style. Whether it is chatted from the research of enigmatic corpse poisons, which adhere to dead teeth (pp. 102/103), or is lectured on the profound poisonous effects of amalgam (p.104) or on mental-spiritual health contexts (p.49) , we always meet the competent knowledge of the author.

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Just one year after the publication of the book in 2001, the second edition had to be published in April 2002 due to the great demand. This was further chapters and topics – such. Dental implants – supplemented. In between, the fourth edition is available, which in turn has been extensively expanded.

The publisher of the book is the Health Portal in Homburg, owned by Ms. Suliko Schreckenbach. The goal of the health portal is to inform people about things that help to become healthy and to stay healthy. She herself is a non-medical practitioner and lectures on various topics such. Water, matcha tea, colon cleansing etc. More information about

Publishing this book would not have been possible without a large number of helpers and no active support in the background. Representing all, my special thanks go to my dear Ms Suliko, my many teachers and others. Dr. Gawlik, dr. Gleditsch, Dr. Thomsen, dr. Dr. Lechner, Fr. Schiffler and all my patients and the opportunity for me to learn from them.

Schreckenbach, Dirk: Every human tooth always depends on every tooth

The résumé of a practitioner; the holistic view and connection of body, mind and soul 189 pages, 23 illustrations, index.

ISBN 978-3-00-011929-3 | 5. Edition | Price: 29,90 € | Extract

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Dental Whispers – The teeth, reflection of your soul

As with his first book, Dr. med. dent. Dirk Schreckenbach with his second book again this time, both to the reader who wants to inform himself, as well as to colleagues who are open to this topic.

The author Dr. In his new book, Dirk Schreckenbach describes in detail – and in a language as simple as possible for this topic – that emotional problems have an effect on the teeth.

The teeth are the reflection of the soul. Mental problems are reflected in the tooth positions and in dental diseases. Dr. Schreckenbach explains in this book in detail the references of mental backgrounds to the respective tooth and thus gives the reader the opportunity to recognize and understand undiscovered and unconscious mental problems.


With his new book, Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach a whole new dimension of the diagnostic and therapeutic options for your teeth and your soul.

On the basis of the many case studies, graphs and tables, it is vividly illustrated which mental problems it is, for example, in which tooth misalignments. Every single tooth is described in detail and presented in the different principles of action.

It also explains from the bottom up how it can even happen that a mental problem is reflected in the tooth.

For example, compounds for numerology are described as well as the acupuncture system or the meridians or our organs and other important systems.

By describing the developmental stages of childhood and the resulting problems in tooth development in childhood, this book is an indispensable reference book for parents, for example, to spare children the unnecessary drawing of teeth and to prevent them in a timely manner.

The book has 192 pages and 106 illustrations.

ISBN 978-3-9810827-5-3 | 3. Edition 2011 | Price: 37,90 €

Teeth and their connection to body, mind & soul- How you can use teeth to find out the causes of chronic diseases

How you can use teeth to find out the causes of chronic diseases”

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ISBN 978-3-9810827-5-3 | 3. Edition 2011 | Price: 37,90 €

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