Health Philosophy

To give you an idea of how the practice works, I have listed my basic philosophy below.

The first point of my philosophy I have from my very esteemed colleague Dr. med. Heinz Wolfgang Burk from Oldenburg and individualized for my practice.

  • Treat your patient at the highest possible level, taking into account the individual biologically optimal quality for him / her as you would like to be treated.
  • For me, the patient has the time he needs to get the best possible care for him, measured against his needs.
  • In the treatment we pay attention to an optimal time utilization of the individual therapy steps and the necessary time use of the patient.
  • The treatment appointment is the appointment for this patient. We do not double-check an appointment so that I have enough time to devote myself to the individual problem.
  • Enlightenment and explanation have the highest priority. We want our patients to understand what and why we do something like that.
  • On request, we like to talk about holistic relationships, especially in the psycho-emotional area.
  • Continuous training in the scientific and naturopathic area is a matter of course for me.
  • Before each treatment, the patient receives detailed treatment plans to which we commit ourselves.
  • We use only high quality materials that have proven to be optimal in the course of my experience. However, we generally recommend a review of the necessary materials with different test methods (EAV, LTT test) before they are used.
  • Not only the tooth is treated, but the entire causal system. The examination, planning and therapy takes this basis into account.
  • All work on the teeth is done with magnifying glasses.
  • For heavy metal and / or interfering field remediation we offer additional diversion therapies in the field of alternative practitioner activity.
  • We rely on close partnership with our patients. Only the cooperation and the respect for the mutual responsibilities lead to an optimal result.​
  • We also talk to you about the financing of your treatment. Here we have interesting solutions ready for you.