11 golden rules for healthy teeth

For my appearance on the ARD program »Fly – The Talk Show«, I put together a collection of 11 golden rules for maintaining your dental health from a holistic point of view.

Please, I have taken your requests to heart, here they are once again for you:

1. Use your teeth! The chewing stimulates the jawbone, teeth and digestive system, and the crushing of the food brings you the essence of the food.

TIPP: Excessive chewing gum confuses the digestive system. Eat an apple, a pear, carrots or fresh kohlrabi instead.

2. Eat foods preferably organically grown. The minerals, trace elements and vitamins it contains are good for your teeth and your bones.

TIPP: It has been proven that today's industrial cultivation of vegetables and fruits does not contain enough ingredients in the plants. Organically grown products have much more to offer here.

3. Please only eat sweet stuff after the main meals. Then the pH of the saliva (acidity) is in the acidic range anyway. Sweets in between shift the pH of the saliva back into the acidic area, which causes minerals to be released from the tooth and makes it more susceptible to tooth decay. In addition, pancreas and vitamin balance are strongly demanded.

TIPP: Pay special attention to the children. Sweets should be something special again! Reward with other things.

4. Maintain your teeth only with toothbrushes made of plastic bristles. Toothbrushes made from animal hair are unhygienic, as hair always has sharp edges when cut and is also hollow. Bacteria get stuck in you.

TIPP: Use Kaisernatron (sodium bicarbonate powder) twice a week for cleaning. The alkaline salt helps good and cheap against gum irritation. Especially if you still have amalgam fillings in your mouth, you should definitely avoid fluoridated toothpastes.

5. Pay attention to uniform materials in the mouth. Different metals and alloys lead to the formation of a battery (galvanic element). Keep the information of the materials well.

TIPP:Ask your dentist to issue a material passport with details of the metal alloy used and the cement used.

6. Have root-treated teeth and implants checked for their compatibility with your body system regularly using holistic diagnostic methods (X-ray images do not show disturbances in the bones until very late). Especially root-treated teeth often develop interference fields and hearth events that can affect your overall health.

TIPP: Root-treated teeth exude protein compounds that can severely affect our immune system. Clarify in advance which organ system the tooth belongs to which is to be treated for rooting. For already existing disorders of this organ system, look for alternatives to root canal treatment.

7. Take care of your teeth early on the tooth position and have them checked regularly. Thus, in most cases, a removal of healthy teeth from alleged lack of space can be prevented later.

TIPP: In my view, with early detection and treatment of the deformity a removable clip is sufficient in most cases.

8. For general orthopedic problems (such as the spine, leg length), think of your teeth as well. An unbalanced teeth bite can cause interference in these areas and vice versa.

TIPP: The temporomandibular joint is the joint in our body which is highest. Disorders of the temporomandibular joint - for example due to incorrect or uneven bite - lead to disturbances in the entire statics. Think of a mobile !!

9. Please do not allow yourself and your children to lay amalgam fillings.

TIPP:Infant organisms are particularly sensitive to heavy metal contamination.

10. Otherwise please use your oral cavity. Do you speak, sing, laugh, cry. Express yourself.

TIPP: The mouth is one of our most communicative organs. Let him have his freedom.

11. If a toothache occurs, find a dentist as soon as possible. The destruction of the tooth is then usually well controlled. This will prevent the dentist from having to pull the nerve. Root-treated, “dead” teeth are not good for your organism.

TIPP:When »First« Painkillers take a carnation off the kitchen. Snap off the flower style and place the ``clove seed`` in the cheek pouch next to the aching tooth. If the tooth hurts a lot, bite the carnation. If the tooth hurts less, then please do not bite it!