Stove and Interference Field Renovation

A dental field or interference field is defined according to the Psychrembel (a clinical dictionary of the fields of medicine and psychology) as follows:

“Morbid, local change in the soft connective tissue, with which the local and general defense reactions are in constant dispute.First, with the collapse of the local defense barrier by internal and / or external influences begins the long-range effect of the focus on the organism and thus the A focal point (hearth) is subjectively not felt by the patient, because the diseased tooth makes no pain or other local complaints. ”

The interference fields in the mouth and jaw area should be eliminated with special methods of stove and interference field elimination. These include individually tested medications or other special accompanying treatments.

The main foci of the tooth and jaw area are: dead teeth, empty stretches, displaced teeth, implants, as well as chronic pulpitids (= inflammation of the dental nerve) and chronic inflammation in the mucosa of the paranasal sinuses.

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