How to successfully cleanse your liver and intestine now

Time: 10.10.2017 von 19:00 Uhr bis 20:30 Uhr
Place: Ev. Begegnungsstätte, Eisenbahnstr. 36, 66386 St. Ingbert-Hassel
Event: Vortrag
Referent: Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach und Suliko Schreckenbach – Vortragsbeginn ist 19:00 Uhr
Details: “How to cleanse these 5 secrets, your liver, and your gut, while balancing your acid base balance!”
Learn more about the topics:

  1. How to relieve your liver and intestines now!
  2. ​Well-being through colon cleansing / parasites in the gut / healthy intestinal flora
  3. Healthy acid / base balance / detoxification

We look forward to your participation and request you to register.
Speakers: Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach – holistic dentist and alternative practitioner and Suliko Schreckenbach – alternative practitioner

Organizer: THE STORE – Schillerstrasse 52 – 66386 St.Ingbert-Hassel
Costs: 2,50 € – Unkostenbeitrag
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