Short waiting times

Of course, we always strive to avoid creating any waiting times. Unfortunately, it can not always be completely avoided if unforeseen painful situations intervene.

But if you ever have to wait, you should enjoy it with us: You will always find current reading in our waiting room and we will gladly serve you a glass of filtered, pollutant-free water.

Short waiting times in a pleasant atmosphere

Payment Cashless

At our card terminal you can pay easily and conveniently with your debit or credit card.

Payment by Installments

It should not be due to the finances: With our installment offer almost everyone can afford nice new teeth. You can pay your dental treatment in comfortable monthly installments.
More and more patients are taking advantage of this service and can afford something new apart from new teeth.

Cost Transparency

Even if you are with us in practice, you are always accessible quickly and easily via our free Wi-Fi for patients.
You can also surf the Internet and shorten the waiting time comfortably.

Reminder service

The year is over quickly and the stamp for the bonus booklet is still missing. Now quickly make an appointment with the dentist. Unfortunately not so easy at the end of the year, because many people feel that way.
To ensure that this does not happen to you in the future, we remind you in good time of your regular preventive examinations. Just ask us about it!