Only on a healthy foundation can a lasting supply be built up!

Then only with a – as we dentists call it – renovation of the teeth can be started. Unusable and annoying amalgam fillings should be removed with special protective measures.

Incidentally, the mercury vapor

Which is released during the removal of amalgam fillings, much more toxic than the Amalgampartikel. The mercury vapor is e.g. not stopped by the so-called “rubber dam”. The extracted in the mouth amalgam is disposed of by a technically very complex device – the so-called. “Amalgamabscheider” – because it is classified as SPECIAL MUST and thus may not enter the sewage circulation of the city.

There are several alternative filling materials to the AMALGAM. These must be produced in part in the dental laboratory with great technical accuracy and high effort.

Incompatibility risks can and should be clarified in advance by a material test. The different holistic test procedures are explained in more detail on the other pages of this homepage. But there are also medical laboratory tests that can find out any existing allergy or an incompatibility reaction to a material.

The supply of gold or ceramic technology

Represents a very high quality care. On individual request, an individual compatibility can be checked in advance:

  • The transitions to the healthy tooth are absolutely dense and smooth. 
  • The areas between the teeth are polished glassy and can therefore be cleaned well. This also protects the neighboring teeth from new tooth decay. 
  • High stability and functionality of the supply. 
  • Good compatibility, especially with ceramics and gold.

These are all prerequisites for a long-lasting oral care. Therefore, the associated effort is worthwhile, because it is an investment in more quality of life, chew comfort and thus health.