Prevention is better than cure

We – myself and my team – have set ourselves the goal of contributing to the preservation of one’s health. We want to improve the quality of life and well-being. This can only be done by working together with the patient as part of our individual care. In the medical jargon, the prevention of tooth damage means: Dental Individual Prophylaxis.

That a life without

Or to a large extent without – tooth damage is possible, prove especially the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland, where individual prophylaxis has been carried out for many decades in dental practices and in public institutions such as kindergartens and schools from the early childhood.


The first successes we see here already with our children. More and more often we find caries-free teeth – as long as the children participate in the check-ups and the instructions for correct dental care. We are particularly happy about this because it also solves the much discussed amalgam problem. Because the best filling is not a filling!